Recap Of Our 2023 Investment Year

Our March 7th, 2024 Presentation


Our debt fund, Passive Wealth Fund and Doorway Properties now have 130 Partners combined and over $34M of capital raised!

Debt Fund – Passive Wealth Fund

  • The debt strategy continued its 100% success rate at delivering promised returns since 2006!

Equity Fund – Doorway Properties

  • We had a very profitable year that exceeded our expectations!
  • The housing shortage continues.  Even though we have almost twice as many people than in the 1960s, we are building homes at the same level.  A labor shortage is making it very difficult for builders to keep up with demand.  This continues to create a fantastic buy and hold opportunity for us.
  • Our equity is creating an incredibly powerful position for us.  It has exceeded expectations that we had at this point.
    • This opens up the possibility to do a cash out refinance and return a significant percentage of capital invested.
  • Distributions are Coming
    • We will have distributions for 4th Quarter sent out as soon as possible.   Our CPA and fund administrator are in the final steps of completing the numbers.
  • We continue to help our community!
    • Stories of People You’ve Opened a Way to Homeownership
      • A woman escaping domestic abuse with her children
      • A social media influencer who can’t qualify with a traditional loan
      • A woman who makes 125K / year, but worked for a company that manufactured edibles
      • A family who needed a specific school district for their child.
    • We live in a society that places more importance on owning nothing and being happy about it.  We believe in the importance of the homeownership for everyone.  You are making this possible for our community.  Thank you!
  • There’s still some time!
    • If you or anyone you know would like to invest into this fund we have some more properties available that we can put in the fund.


    • Saturday, May 4th at Schultz Haus Vineyard in Augusta MO from 6:30-9:30 PM
    • Four Course Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing
      • Chef is Pat Long of Mosaic Catering
      • Wine is provided by Eric Winters of PRP Wine International
    • The evening will start by enjoying bubbly, bites, and bidding during a stroll among the private grounds of Schultz Haus. An intimate dinner inside will follow, with an exquisite four course meal and pairing of assorted wines from around the county. You’ll hear testimonials for those impacted by Restoration House’s services.
    • Restoration House is in need of table sponsors.
    • Please find more details below.

March 7th Update