Doorway Properties LP, LLC







Offering Description

Doorway Properties, LP constitutes our long-term real estate fund, specializing in the acquisition and retention of single-family homes throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and its adjacent counties.

Primarily centered around lease purchase agreements, these properties serve as a pathway to homeownership for deserving families. Notably, these properties offer various real estate tax benefits, including typical tax depreciation and cost segregation.

Offering Highlights

  • 6.85% Cash on Cash Return
  • 13-14.9% Target Internal Rate of Return
  • $21.8 Property Value
  • $10.7M Equity
  • $250K Average Price Point

Lease-Driven Maintenance Model

Our unique lease purchase structure places the responsibility for repairs on the tenant, mitigating uncertainties surrounding unknown maintenance expenses.

Occupancy-Driven Risk Reduction

Additionally, the fund strategically acquires properties that are presold to tenant buyers and already occupied, significantly reducing the risk associated with underperforming properties.

One of our first placements was an individual who had been trapped in a domestic abuse situation. With limited credit history and knowledge of how to move and navigate their options for how to find a safe home. We managed to place them in a property with our lease purchase program navigating around student loan debt and limited credit history.

Lending Investor