Passive Wealth Fund

Offering Description

Since 2008, our structure involves placing one of our private lenders on a specific piece of real estate, deviating from a pooled fund structure used in our other opportunities.

Our private lenders extend their funds to Three Doors Funding, enabling it to provide loans to real estate professionals within the Three Doors network. These funds are utilized for the acquisition, renovation, and subsequent sale or retention of single-family residences in the St. Louis metropolitan area and its surrounding counties.

What Do We Do?

  • We lend money to real estate investors for their investment deals.
  • The best deals are from sellers needing cash in 14 days or less. Very few investors have the cash to do this, so they come to us to get them their cash faster than a traditional lender can do.
  • We are an asset-based lender whose max loan on a property is 70% of the value after repairs are finished.
  • These loans are 6 months with the option to extend 6 more months.

Our Experience

  • $250M+ invested in this strategy with our team over the past 15 years
  • 1,449 Properties as of 12.31.22
  • Less than 3% foreclosure rate on our loans
  • Investors have received promised returns on 100% of loans thus far (even loans that went
    through default)

Where Is This Going?

We have grown this business on referrals and existing relationships and have hovered around $20 to 28 million on the streets at any one time.

The demand exists for us to lend $50 million here in St. Louis with very little additional effort providing additional opportunities for passive income for our investors.

Consistent Investor Success

Over the past 14+ years, we have maintained a 100% success rate in delivering the promised returns to our investors. These returns are independent of the profitability of the deal and are strictly structured as debt loans.

Unwavering Financial Precision

Currently, private lending has amassed $28 million invested in properties. Since 2020, we have executed 371 loans with only 4 instances of default. Even in these cases, our private lenders received their promised returns.

We have taken advantage of the Private Lending Program many years now. During that time we have always received interest payments promptly upon the closing for a property. Recent improvements in streamlining the closing process and interim reporting has made the program even more attractive. The Private Lending Program has proven to be a good investment for us.

Lending Investor